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Joanna Krygowska
Phone: 696 063 853

Koordynacja wynajmu

Katarzyna Witek
Phone: 535 077 753 

1. If we do not answer the landline +48(12)4311894 please try +48 535077753 Katarzyna Sadlo) or +48 696063853 (Magdalena Kobic.

2. If You cannot reach us by phone,please email  us at or try contacting us later.

3. If You have problems with being understood in English, please call +48 505823694 or email us at

Landline:  (12) 4311894
Ul. Św. Filipa 23/6
31-150 Kraków

Bank account:
BRE Bank: 66 1140 2017 0000 4502 1101 2210
BRE Bank: 55 1140 2004 0000 3102 4796 7408

Most of our rooms located 2 minutes from the train/bus station and also 2 minutes from the nearest public city transport (tram, bus). You may find the timetable here. Please chceck the streets: Basztowa; Lubicz; Pawia; Plac Matejki; Długa (or any one close to us - see map below).
Our room Biskupia is located in 10/2 Biskupia Streetj 10/2 (see also map below). It is 7 minutes walk from Św Filipa street where all the other rooms are.

For more information about any particular location (and parking possibilities) please click on the links below:
ul. Św. Filipa 23ul. św. Filipa 7ul. Biskupia 10ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 19ul. Rajska 1, al. Krasińskiego 1